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 Sakurai Hado (Adrian Daughtry)

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PostSubject: Sakurai Hado (Adrian Daughtry)   Sakurai Hado (Adrian Daughtry) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 12:54 pm

Sword Art Online (SAO)

Real Name: Adrian Daughtry
Avatar/In game Name: Sakurai Hado
Community Alias: The Death Bringer
Player Category (Solo Player, PKer, Beater, Beta Tester, ETC): PKer
Player Role: Damage Role
Player Class (Swordsman, Tank, Beast Tamer, Blacksmith, ETC): Swordsman and Guild Leader
Player Type: Orange/Red Player
Age: 27 (SAO Arc)
Gender: Male
VRMMORPG Games Played: Sword Art Online, Gekkou Online

Epithets: The Death Bringer

Level: Immortal Object
Health: Unknown
One Handed Sword: Mastered
Shield Strength: Mastered
Blade Throwing: Mastered
Battle Healing: Mastered
Searching: Mastered
Tracking: Mastered
Hiding: Mastered
Night Vision: 800/1000
Weight Limit: 910/1000
Sprinting: Mastered

Based off of: Kuradeel, Heathcliff, and PoH

Affiliation (Sword Art Online): The Death Bringers
Occupation (Real Life): CEO of the American Corporation of RECTO Incorporated.
Occupation (In Game): Leader of The Death Bringers, Player Killer, The Main Antagonist of the SAO part of the series

Outfits in Inventory:
Black Starter Uniform: ? (Sakurai obtained this uniform after ?.)
The Death Bringer's Cloak: (Sakurai obtained this uniform after ?.)
Coat of the Death Bringer: A coat nicknamed by Sakurai after he murdered the player known as Masahido, the Colonel in the Aincrad Liberation Forces, and stole his clothing. Sakurai would later masquerade as Masahido until he was revealed as the true villain of the game and forced Kane to risk his life to save his friends and the players of Sword Art Online.(Sakurai obtained this uniform after killing Masahido and stealing his clothing.)

Weapons in Inventory:
Malveillant (Primary Weapon): A dark and evil sword used by the most ruthless player killer. The blade is a dark black metal that is surrounded by a red aura, which allows the blade to easily repair itself after it breaks. The hilt is a dark red with a black skull on the bottom. It's special attack is not only repairing itself, but it also shoots black beams of death that knock a player's health down drastically. Attack +60, Defense +50, Durability +50, Speed +40, Accuracy +40, Special Attack +35
The Brahadur (Secondary Weapon): The Brahadur is a black shield unique to only Sakurai, the shield is in the shape of the Death Bringer's logo, a skull. Attack +25, Defense +60, Durability +70, Speed +30, Accuracy +20, Special Attack +10
Starter Sword: The sword Sakurai inhabited upon entering the game. Attack +5, Defense +10, Durability +5, Speed +10, Accuracy +5, Special Attack +5

Items in Inventory:
Teleporter Crystal: A blue crystal that transports the user to a chosen city's Teleport Gate plaza.
Healing Crystal: A peach colored crystal that completely heals the target.
Antidote Crystal: A green colored crystal that cures or recovers any status effects.

Custom Abilities:

Player Skills:

Appearance (Real Life and Sword Art Online-Gekkou Online):
Hair Color/Style: Red hair, long hair swept down over his face, his bangs are swept to the side so they partially cover his eyepatch
Sakurai Hado (Adrian Daughtry) 5db424e6f0e5ca46ce1305c31b7287d41254525391_full
Eye Color: One Green Eye, the other is covered by an eyepatch.
Skin Color: White
Height: ? (Real Life), ? (SAO), ? lb (GO)
Weight: ? lb (Real Life), ? lb (SAO), ? lb (GO)

Family (In Game):
In Game Friends:
In game Girlfriend/Wife:
In game Children:
In Game Rivals:
In Game Pets: None


Sword Art Online Theme: "?" (?)

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Sakurai Hado (Adrian Daughtry)
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