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Gekkou Online is a continuity of the Sword Art Online storyline featuring a new set of players. Follow heroes such as Kane, Akimoto, and Nikko and watch their adventure to save the world of Gekkou Online. You are a player, you must survive in this world.
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 Maeko Rui (Madison Rheed)

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Maeko Rui

Maeko Rui

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PostSubject: Maeko Rui (Madison Rheed)   Maeko Rui (Madison Rheed) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 1:12 am

Real Name:Madison Rheed

Avatar/In game Name: Maeko Rui

Age: 15

Gender: Female

MMO Games Played: Gekkou Online, Gun Gale Online, Sword Art Online

Affiliation: Idk

Appearance: Long black hair, bangs covering one eye partially. Hair length ending at about mid back height, 5'9, Pale blue eyes, Body shape/style: Looks like Asuna, just with the differences in appearance.

Family: Allison Rheed (Mother), Robert Rheed (Father/Deceased), Kathy Rheed (Sister, Age 7)

Personality: Shy at times, fierce in fighting, persistent.
Theme: Soon to come.
Backstory: Soon to come.
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Maeko Rui (Madison Rheed)
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