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Gekkou Online is a continuity of the Sword Art Online storyline featuring a new set of players. Follow heroes such as Kane, Akimoto, and Nikko and watch their adventure to save the world of Gekkou Online. You are a player, you must survive in this world.
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Sword Art Online (SAO)

Avatar/In game Name: Azami
Player Category (Solo Player, PKer, Beater, Beta Tester, ETC): Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Age: Looks around 7 (SAO and GO Arc)
Gender: Female
VRMMORPG Games Appeared in: Sword Art Online, Gekkou Online, New Alfheim Online

Nicknames: ?, ?, ?, ? (by ?), ? (?)

Based off of: Yui

Affiliation (Sword Art Online and Gekkou Online): The Eternal Keepers
Occupation (In Game): Member of the Eternal Keepers, AI of Sword Art Online, AI of Gekkou Online.

AI Skills:
Immortal Object: Azami is an Immortal Object, considering she's an AI, it isn't much surprise. As an Immortal Object, Azami cannot get killed unless she chooses to, or her mainframe shuts down. Azam can also override another Immortal Object's system and make them vulnerable to attacks, with the cost of her own life.

Appearance (Sword Art Online and Gekkou Online):
Hair Color/Style: Brunette Hair pulled up into a pony tail. Her bangs cover her forehead and the back of her ponytail is spiked out all around. (Imagine the picture below, except with brown hair.)
Azami      Azami10
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Height: ? (SAO), ? (GO)
Weight: ? (SAO), ? (GO)

Family (In Game):
In Game Father: Kane Kioshi
In Game Mother:
In Game Friends: Kisho Kenshin, Akimoto Heikichi, Nikko, Yang, Yin, Maeko Rui, Rose Takara, Kiyoko, Jene


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