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 Kisho Kenshin (Hunter White)

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Kisho Kenshin

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PostSubject: Kisho Kenshin (Hunter White)   Kisho Kenshin (Hunter White) I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 2:10 pm

Real Name: Hunter White
Avatar/In game Name: Kisho Kenshin
Community Alias: Holy Avenger
Player Category (Beater, Beta Tester, PKer, ETC): Beta Tester
Age: 14 (SAO Arc)
Gender: Male
VRMMORPG Games Played: Sword Art Online, Gekkou Online, Gun Gale Online
'The Seed' Games Played: New Alfheim Online, Fantasy Fallout Online
Non Canon Games Played: Shard Online

Level: 95
Health: 25000
One Handed Axe: Mastered
Two Handed Battle Axe: Mastered
Dual Bladed Skill: Mastered
Blade Throwing: 854/1000
Battle Healing: 930/1000
Searching: 990/1000
Tracking: 935/1000
Hiding: 960/1000
Night Vision: 970/1000
Weight Limit: Mastered
Sprinting: 990/1000

Based off of: Klein, Agil

Affiliation (Sword Art Online): The Eternal Keepers
Occupation (Real Life): High-School Student
Occupation (In Game): Second In Command of the Eternal Keepers

Outfits in Inventory:
White Starter Uniform:
White Swordsman Outfit (Primary Outfit):

Weapons in Inventory:
The Holy Axe: A Battle Axe made by Kishos personal blacksmith, so called "Axe From the Heavens", This Giant axe has a Stainless Silver blade color with a White neck, separating the two blades and attaching to the Black Hilt and Handle. This Axe's rarity is under the category Ancient. Attack +70, Defense +40, Durability +60, Speed +35, Accuracy +35, Special Attack +50
Accelerator: Made Specialy for Speed, Kisho uses this as his offhand weapon supporting his Holy Axe. Attack +35, Defense +20, Durability +35, Speed +55, Accuracy +40, Special Attack +50

Items in Inventory:

Appearance (Real Life and Sword Art Online):
Hair Color/Style: Brunette, Short with his bangs swept to the side
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin Color: Slightly tanned white
Height: 6 feet, 7 inch (SAO), 6 Feet, 3 inch (Real Life)
Weight: 175 lb (SAO), 145 lb (Real Life)

Family (In Game):
In Game Friends:
In game Girlfriend/Wife: Rose Takara
In game Children: None


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Kisho Kenshin (Hunter White)
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