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 Pelleas - "The Voidwalker"

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The self-proclaimed incarnation of the Void. While it is unbeknownst to the populace whether his claims are indeed true, he certainly carries the power to back them up.

Abilities & Armament

He carries his infamous side-sword; "Abyssal Judgment" - an abnormally long one-handed sword, equipped for thrusting and slashing. While the sword is quite deadly at close range, it is at a distance where the blade's ability truly excels.

Pelleas angles his sword downward, normally while shifting his palm towards his forehead. A dark blast of negative energy bursts around him in a mid-range shockwave. While this ability does no notable damage, it pushes all enemies around him away from him, allowing him to follow up with...

Shadow Assault
Pelleas fires several quick energy waves, all of them pitch black with an indigo core.
Pelleas has also been seen firing torrents of this same energy with his opposite hand. It is speculated that this is also the innate ability of his sword.

He has been shown to have mastered several combat abilities - such as One-handed swordsmanship. His other masteries mainly consist of a stealthful and deceitful repertoire, mastering Hiding, Tracking, Searching, Night Vision, and (while not mastered) sprinting.

The Voidwalker reveals himself at times when he sees fit. While he has been officially dubbed a "Red Player," not many see him as a villain. In the common tongue, he is spoken of as "The Grey One." He is seen as both cold, ruthless and manipulative, as well as wise, tact, and intellectual.

"To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best."

"What do you wish to hear? That I once believed in heroism and good? That I felt the call of the Void, that perhaps, once, I held the world by its throat? That for every good deed I did, I brought equal harm forthwith? That perhaps what the greatest of evils knew of darkness, they learned from me? What would it matter now? There is only so much comfort in knowing such things, and it is not who I am now."

"War is hunger. And for some, their appetite will never be sated."

He is always seen wearing a black mask, with archaic bronze markings strewn across it, the only opening in the mask being his mouth. He is usually wearing a pitch black (or red) hooded coat stretching down to his ankles, with white (or black) pauldrons on each shoulder. A single crest sits in the chest opening of the coat, depicting an angel taking flight. He wears white plated spaulders with black leather boots, as well as two gauntlets. He holds his blade with his right, covered in a normal white plating, the fingers topped with a sharp blade-like tip. His left arm his the exact same, only black.

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Pelleas - "The Voidwalker"
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