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Gekkou Online is a continuity of the Sword Art Online storyline featuring a new set of players. Follow heroes such as Kane, Akimoto, and Nikko and watch their adventure to save the world of Gekkou Online. You are a player, you must survive in this world.
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 Yin (Andrew Peters)

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PostSubject: Yin (Andrew Peters)   Yin (Andrew Peters) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 1:40 pm

Real Name:  Andrew Peters
Avatar Name: Yin, commonly called the Light Twin.
Age:  13, at the start of SAO.
Gender:  Male
VRMMORPG Games Played:  Sword Art Online, Gekkou Online, Gun Gale Online.
'The Seed' Games Played:  New Alfheim Online, Fantasy Fallout Online.
Non-Canon Games Played:  Shard Online.
Player Category: Started in a Party with Chase, then a solo-player later on.  Not a Beta-Tester.
Player Type:  Green Player.  At least for the most part.
Twin sister, Chase, who helps him level up quickly and get ahead of the other new players.  Since Chase had beta sometimes Andrew would play the beta game.

Level:  87
Health: 15500

Weight Limit: 950/1000
Fishing: Mastered
Listening:  560/1000
Musical Instrument: 745/1000
Sewing: 780/1000
Battle Healing:  864/1000
Heavy Metal Equipment: 886/1000
One-Handed War Hammer: Mastered
Night Vision: 870/1000
Tracking: 898/1000
Sprint: 745/1000
Picking: 865/1000
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Yin (Andrew Peters)
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