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Gekkou Online is a continuity of the Sword Art Online storyline featuring a new set of players. Follow heroes such as Kane, Akimoto, and Nikko and watch their adventure to save the world of Gekkou Online. You are a player, you must survive in this world.
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 List of Known Dual Wielders

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Kane Kioshi
Kane Kioshi

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PostSubject: List of Known Dual Wielders   List of Known Dual Wielders I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2014 8:30 pm

Dual Wielding is a unique skill in the VRMMORPG game, Sword Art Online, and it's sequel game, Gekkou Online which allows the use of unique Sword Skills that are executed with two blades simultaneously. A rare selection of strong players have this skill available for use in game.

Sword Art Online Dual Wielders
Kane Kioshi

Gekkou Online Dual Wielders
Kane Kioshi
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List of Known Dual Wielders
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