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 The Battle of Floor 22

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Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

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The Battle of Floor 22 Empty
PostSubject: The Battle of Floor 22   The Battle of Floor 22 I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 27, 2014 9:39 pm

"Sir, preparations have been made." A robed man approached Alucard, who looked on at the Lake from the outpost by the shore. He bowed before Alucard, however he was quickly given permission to rise with a quick motion of his superior's hand.
"The fleet will arrive by nightfall." Alucard opened his menu, accessing the messaging section.
"What are you doing, sir?" The robed man asked inquisitively.
"Telling the others that I require no assistance. The battle is already over - they just don't know it yet." He gave his subordinate a wicked, sinister smile. He quickly backed away, fleeing from his sight.

The populace saw Alucard and his accomplices as a threat that needed to be eliminated. Several Police Guilds united under one banner in a desperate crusade against him. The floor was silent - the sun was setting, and armies were mobilizing. Alucard's force was meager. He commanded twenty, maybe thirty men while his enemies were numerous. He saw them approach over the horizon - naval flagships housing dozens of battle-ready soldiers. Alucard smirked at the fleet.
In response, Alucard sent one lone frigate into the water. The naval forces readied their bows as it approached, however they quickly noticed that there was no one aboard. Small pipes lined the port and starboard sides of the ship. They each oozed a thick green liquid that wasn't very soluble in the water. They recognized the liquid, and it filled them with dread - Wildfire.
"Steer clear! Steer clear!" They shrieked. Alucard slowly picked up a torch, throwing it over the walls of the outpost. He was signalling someone - that someone waited far from the outpost, on a jagged rock in the middle of the lake. Feitan Zoldyck - leader of the Phantom Troupe waited with a bow in one hand, and an arrow in the other, the arrowhead breathed in flame. He glanced at the signal briefly before nocking his arrow, taking careful aim at the fleet ahead. He let the arrow loose. It blazed through the air for several seconds before finally touching the water - and the Wildfire. Green flames burst from the water, slowly making its way toward the fleet. The naval forces watched in horror as the flames reached their ships.
The Wildfire incinerated wood and metal alike before combusting in a fiery explosion, setting the sea itself ablaze. Cries of pain and agony echoed throughout the floor as the entire naval force was incinerated - their bodies filling the Lake. Alucard's ears began to ring - the explosion was deafening. He gave what he was witnessing a sinister grin - he had won the Battle of Floor 22.
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The Battle of Floor 22
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