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Gekkou Online is a continuity of the Sword Art Online storyline featuring a new set of players. Follow heroes such as Kane, Akimoto, and Nikko and watch their adventure to save the world of Gekkou Online. You are a player, you must survive in this world.
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 Yang (Chase Peters)

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PostSubject: Yang (Chase Peters)   Yang (Chase Peters) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 1:39 pm

Real Name:  Chase Peters
Avatar/In game Name: Yang, commonly called the Dark Twin.
Age:  13, at the start of SAO
Gender: Female
VRMMORPG Games Played:  Sword Art Online, Gekkou Online, Gun Gale Online.
'The Seed' Games Played:  New Alfheim Online, Fantasy Fallout Online.
Non-Canon Games Played:  Shard Online.
Player Category:  Starting out in a party with Andrew, then becomes Solo-Player on the front lines further on.  Beta-tester.
Player Type: Green Player.
Player Role:  Swordswoman.
Weapons/Abilities:  Preferably a Scimitar.
Twin brother named Andrew Peters, aka Yin, otherwise called the Light Twin.

Level:  90
Health:  15000

Medicine Mixing: 679/1000
Cooking: 550/1000
Sprinting: Mastered
Searching: 750/1000
Hiding: Mastered
Picking: 764/1000
Night Vision: 732/1000
X-Ray Vision: 697/1000
Acrobatics: Mastered
Parry: 756/1000
Battle Healing: 857/1000
Weight Limit: 595/1000
Light Metal Equipment: Mastered
Blade Throwing: 978/1000
One-Handed Curved Blade: Mastered
Katana: Mastered
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Yang (Chase Peters)
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